Tackling weight loss together

Published 4:41 PM ET, Thu March 21, 2013
Gillis weight October 2009Gillis weight October 2009
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At their heaviest, Willie and Angela Gillis weighed 492 and 338 pounds, respectively. Courtesy Angela Gillis
In January 2011, the couple made a mutual decision to tackle their weight issues. Courtesy Angela Gillis
Angela and Willie started going to the gym six days a week. At first they just walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Courtesy Angela Gillis
By January 2012, they were seeing dramatic results. Angela was thrilled to start shopping in "normal-size" clothing stores. Courtesy Angela Gillis
"To me, being overweight is no different than having an alcohol (addiction)," Angela says. "My addiction was to food." Courtesy Angela Willis
Willie used a calorie-counting app on his phone to track what he ate every day. If he had a few extra calories, he saved them for a treat on the weekend. Courtesy Angela Gillis
"It definitely helps having somebody with you," Willie said of losing weight with his wife. Courtesy Angela Gillis
Willie has lost 300 pounds and Angela is down 200 pounds. "He's been my best friend for a long time," Angela says. "It's great to see how we both have grown and changed." Courtesy Angela Gillis