Walking through Ramallah and Gaza, political differences become real

Updated 11:37 AM ET, Thu March 21, 2013
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CNN Chief National Correspondent John King talks to the owner of an Israeli security training center while covering President Barack Obama's visit to the region. King and CNN producer Tasha Diakides have been documenting their Middle East trip on Instagram. Tasha Diakides/Instagram
Israeli and U.S. flags flying side-by-side can be seen all across Jerusalem with banners boasting of the "unbreakable alliance" with the United States. John King/Instagram
Children walk home from school in Gaza. In addition to Israel, Obama is also visiting the West Bank and Jordan, but not Gaza. Tasha Diakides/Instagram
In Gazy City, a billboard celebrates a Hamas militant wing. John King/Instagram
CNN photojournalist Chris Turner shoots video of the Israeli West Bank barrier wall from the Israeli side. Tensions are increasing on both sides of the wall, including rock attacks on settlers on roads that run between Israeli and Palestinian neighborhoods. Tasha Diakides/Instagram
Palestinians rally against Obama in the West Bank on Friday before his arrival. White House officials say Obama is not carrying a new peace initiative for the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Tasha Diakides/Instagram
CNN Producer Tasha Diakides, who is traveling with King, says Friday's anti-Obama protest was relatively tame. "We didn't need the flak jackets, helmets and masks in our trunk today," she wrote on Instagram. See more of Diakides' images Tasha Diakides/Instagram
In the West Bank, a girl holds images of a loved one at a protest demanding the release of Palestinians detained in Israel. Tasha Diakides/Instagram
In Ramallah, West Bank, a message to Obama airs grievances regarding limits on cell phone service in the region. John King/Instagram
Israeli workers clear the site of a controversial new subdivision at the Israeli settlement of Ma'ale Adumim in the West Bank. John King/Instagram
At an Israeli security academy in the West Bank, instructors simulate a response to a terror attack. John King/Instagram