Rescuing Youssif: 6 years later

Published 3:24 PM ET, Mon March 18, 2013
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Youssif was 5 years old when masked men grabbed him, doused him in gas and set him on fire as he played outside in Baghdad in 2007. CNN agreed not to use the full names of Youssif and his family due to concern for their safety. Family photos
Donations from CNN viewers worldwide paid for Youssif and his family to fly to the United States for medical treatment. Family photos
Youssif walks along a California beach in 2011 with CNN's Arwa Damon, who first told the boy's story in 2007. CNN
Youssif has had 19 surgeries and a total of 61 procedures to help correct his burn damage. Danielle Dellorto/CNN
Youssif is now a fifth-grader at a school outside Los Angeles. His favorite subject is math, he says. His sister, Aaya, is in first grade. Danielle Dellorto/CNN
Youssif hangs out with CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta at the boy's home in California. Youssif tells Gupta he wants to be a doctor someday. Danielle Dellorto/CNN