U.S. lawmaker questions North Korean leader’s ‘stability’

Updated 11:36 PM EDT, Sun March 17, 2013

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"We just don't know the stability of their leader," Rep. Mike Rogers says

Rogers is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee

Analysts debate whether Kim or the North Korean military is really in charge

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A top U.S. congressman expressed concern about the “stability” of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un after months of provocative statements and behavior from the nuclear-armed communist state.

“You have a 28-year-old leader who is trying to prove himself to the military, and the military is eager to have a saber-rattling for their own self-interest,” said Rep. Mike Rogers, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. “And the combination of that is proving to be very, very deadly.”

North Korea launched a satellite into orbit atop a long-range rocket in December, conducted its third nuclear weapons test in February and announced earlier this month that it was abandoning t