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Updated 9:31 PM ET, Fri March 15, 2013
Nick BrigdenNick Brigden
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Nick Brigden is an Emmy award-nominated editor and director. He lives in New York with his wife, Carrie, and their dog, Honey Paw. ZERO POINT ZERO
Erik Osterholm is a producer who has found himself on sailboats in Antarctica, helicopters above the Bering Sea and tucked deep in the jungles of Indonesia. He is passionate about telling stories from the hard-to-reach, remote corners of the world. ZERO POINT ZERO
Jared Andrukanis, Producer/Director on "Parts Unknown," has worked with Zero Point Zero Production since 2007 and is a big fan of all sorts of street food -- which is not particularly surprising, considering the folks who he finds himself spending time with while shooting on-location. ZERO POINT ZERO
Todd Liebler started with Zero Point Zero back in 2005. He has traveled the world with Tony Bourdain for more than eight seasons, shooting over a hundred episodes. He has been awarded two Director of Photography Emmys for non-fiction programming as well as another nomination in the same category this last year. He looks forward to shooting another hundred for "Parts Unknown." He loves his job and misses his wonderful family whenever he's on the road. ZERO POINT ZERO
Diane Schutz is a producer who has been eating and drinking on the road with Bourdain since 2002. Adventures with Tony have included getting stuck in wartime Beirut, burning six tons of cocaine in Panama, and contracting cutaneous larva migrans in Rajasthan. She finds it ironic that her only bout of food poisoning occurred in Ireland. ZERO POINT ZERO
Sally Freeman is a transplant from the UK and a producer/director on "Parts Unknown." She loves travelling to little-known places, eating unfamiliar foods and using obscure curse words. ZERO POINT ZERO
Michael Steed is a producer/director at Zero Point Zero Production Inc. ZERO POINT ZERO
Morgan Fallon is a New York-based cinematographer. He has worked in reality and documentary television for over 10 years. He has worked with Zero Point Zero Production and Anthony Bourdain since 2007. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Gillian and his son, August. ZERO POINT ZERO
Jeremy Leach is a Director of Photography who has been working on documentary, museum, and television projects for over 12 years. He feels lucky to have had the opportunity to travel all over the world exploring, capturing, and recording people's stories. Jeremy began his career working in Boston, Massachusetts and now lives in Brooklyn with his wife. ZERO POINT ZERO
Zach Zamboni: 10,000 hours of international camerawork. Seen enough to know there's much more to see. Part Maine, part Spain, and a shot of Brooklyn. ZERO POINT ZERO
Josh Ferrell is a producer whose former projects include Emmy-nominated "No Reservations," "The Layover," and "The Wild Within." Josh hails from Southern California where an early love for travel and film resulted in a desire to capture the world and its untold narratives through multiple lenses. This work has taken him far and wide, from the beaches of Mozambique to the favelas of Rio. ZERO POINT ZERO
Tom Vitale has been traveling the globe with Anthony Bourdain for the better part of a decade. Having grown with Tony through multiple shows and networks, he is excited now to be directing "Parts Unknown" for CNN. Several passports later, one thing is certainly clear: life is not boring... ZERO POINT ZERO