Prince Charles: Arabic is tough to learn

Qatar's Sheikh Abdul Rahman Bin Saud Al Thani escorts Prince Charles and his wife Camilla in Doha on Wednesday.

Story highlights

  • At a networking event, the prince complimented guests' impeccable English
  • Qatar's energy minister asked if Charles spoke any Arabic
  • He said he was learning but it was not easy
Prince Charles is learning Arabic but said he's having a difficult time of it.
At a networking event Thursday in Qatar for alumni of UK universities, he complimented guests on their impeccable English.
Qatar's energy minister inquired if Charles spoke any Arabic.
"I tried to learn it once but I gave up. It goes in one ear and out the other," he answered.
Laura Sullivan, a spokeswoman at Clarence House, confirmed Thursday that Prince Charles has taken lessons.
"He definitely has been having Arabic lessons," she said.
Sullivan was quick to point out the prince has mastered other languages.
"He definitely speaks Welsh as I've heard him myself," Sullivan said. "French is a definite, and he is very good at that."
The Prince of Wales is on a tour of the Middle East with his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall.
On Wednesday, they visited a camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan.
In Qatar, the Duchess will attend workshops on literacy and women's empowerment while Charles meets with the Crown Prince of Qatar and the country's prime minister.