Can fusion power fuel our future?

Updated 9:27 AM ET, Tue March 12, 2013
ITER fusion power ITER fusion power
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Will this fusion facility being built in southern France help solve our energy problems in the years ahead? Scientists like Steven Cowley, director of the UK's Culham Center for Fusion Energy, think that research at ITER (pictured) could result in abundant, low-carbon energy in the future. Courtesy ITER
A model of the reactor of the future, ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor). Cowley says the experiments at ITER are critical. They are designed to reach a self-sustaining fusion burn -- the last scientific hurdle to fusion power, he says. GERARD JULIEN/AFP/Getty Images/file
A technician walks along anti-seismic pads at the ITER site. Construction will complete in 2020 with a fusion burn expected by 2030, Cowley says. BORIS HORVAT/AFP/GettyImages/file
A CGI of how fusion power plants of the future might be laid out. For more details on fusion power visit the Culham Center for Fusion Energy. Courtesy Culham Center for Fusion Energy