'Grumpy cat' takes grumpy to new level
01:25 - Source: KEYE

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Viral Web sensation "Grumpy Cat" is the star of South by Southwest

Really named Tartar Sauce, the cat caught the Web's attention on Reddit

Lines at the festival have stretched three blocks to see, pose with Grumpy Cat

Austin, Texas CNN  — 

Forget Elon Musk or Al Gore. The biggest star of the South by Southwest Interactive festival is less than a year old, sleeps all day and looks like she just swallowed a hairball.

Austin, meet Grumpy Cat.

The real-life cat, an Internet sensation since photos of her sourpuss face began circulating last fall, has been holding court during SXSW at the Mashable House, a temporary lounge run by the tech-news site. People have stood for hours, in lines snaking around the block, to get their picture taken with her.

Grumpy Cat, an 11-month-old mixed breed whose real name is Tardar Sauce, has ignored them all. Mostly she sleeps in a cat bed while fans pass by to pose next to her. Instead of smiling, many of them make pouty faces of their own.

This is the feline face that's creating a stir online -- and live in Austin, Texas, too.

Through it all, Grumpy Cat has remained unimpressed.