Please tweak my look!

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  • Darkness under the eyes and blotchy skin make people look tired, said Bobbi Brown
  • Brown finds colorful eye shadow competes with eyes instead of accentuating them
  • Want to look polished? Reach for a brush and some eye shadow and head for your brows
She may be known for her counters full of beauty products, but cosmetics maven Bobbi Brown admits this: Looking gorgeous is not all about makeup. Ask her the secrets to amazing skin and she'll credit her yoga or her daily eight glasses of water.
So what about all the stuff in our makeup bags? Of course, that helps, too, Brown says. "All women are pretty without makeup, but with just a touch they can feel confident and more powerful." Here, Health's beauty pro shares how she upgraded these women's looks—and how you can press refresh, too.
Makeover goal: I want to look like I got a great night's sleep
Bobbi says: The number-one question I get is 'How can I look less tired?' You have to know it's a natural thing that happens to all of us as we age—darkness under the eyes and blotchiness on the skin makes us look sleep-deprived. Many women rely on concealer, but that alone is not enough. The key is to find a foundation, concealer, and corrector that all look natural.
Start with a corrector, a cream-based formula that brightens up discoloration under the eyes, either in a pinkish tone (if your skin tone falls somewhere between Gwyneth Paltrow's and J. Lo's) or a peachy shade (if you're darker than J. Lo). Then, right over that, apply concealer that's one to two shades lighter than your skin.
Those two steps together will make dark circles disappear, but the reason Alexis looks so evened-out in her "after" shot is that I followed up with a tinted moisturizer. I like it instead of foundation because it gives enough coverage, but you can still see her skin. To find your right shade, apply it to your cheek. If it disappears, you've met your match!
Makeover goal: I want to play up my eyes.
Bobbi says: A lot of women apply too much dark or colorful eye shadow. But I find it competes with your eyes instead of accentuating them. I actually believe eyeliner brings out your eyes more.
Cristie is wearing a black gel liner along the top lashes and a powder liner on the bottom, plus lots of black mascara (brown is too wimpy—I don't even make it anymore!). Going all out on eyes? Keep lips low-key with a pretty pink lipstick and sheer white gloss.
Makeover goal: I want to look more polished.
Bobbi says: The best thing you can do to look instantly more put-together is to define your features. The brows are a great place to start, because they make such a difference to your face with so little effort.
If your brows are sparse, like Kirby's, go for a slanted, firm brush and an eye shadow that matches your brow color. Starting at the eyebrows' inner corner, use short, upward strokes, following your natural shape. It also helps to wear blush, particularly a cream formula, which gives a nice glow. Pick a true pink if your skin is Kirby's shade or lighter; if you're darker, try a plummy color.