Eat like a local

Updated 5:00 PM ET, Thu March 7, 2013
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"I drive more than 40 miles each way to Taqueria del Sol for beef enchiladas with red chile sauce. The sauce begs to be scooped up with the perfectly fried chips that come warm to the table." -- Valerie Holt Courtesy Valerie Holt
"'Vietnamese with a French accent' is a good description of Elizabeth Street Cafe. Start with an order of pork buns (our favorite) before digging in to a bowl of pho." -- Josh Neff Courtesy Josh Neff
"As part of a revitalization project in this blue-collar town, two high-school friends opened Cornerstone Pub & Kitchen. The diver scallops with butternut-squash risotto are the best I've had." -- Patty Carbee Courtesy Patty Carbee
"Words can't explain the religious experience that is eating at Grits & Groceries. It begins with a drive through bucolic Anderson County and ends at an old country store with a tiny farmyard. Grass-fed burgers and pimento cheese sandwiches top the list." -- Jennifer Norman Courtesy Jennifer Norman
"Diana and Jim Simpson's Seafood Express is a school bus that's been converted into the best place we know of to get fish and chips. Jim's a fisherman; he plies the cold Alaskan waters for the sweet shrimp, halibut and salmon that make up the focus of Diana's menu." -- Jack Donachy Courtesy Jack Donachy
"Go straight to Coconut's Fish Cafe for amazingly fresh fish for under $12. The chef-owner personally delivers each dish and explains the preparation." -- Terrance Mullins Courtesy Terrance Mullins
"Everything about Phil's Fish Market is unpretentious and quaint. Large, steaming bowls of cioppino are one of the most popular dishes." -- Penelope Penn Courtesy Penelope Penn
"Swan Oyster Depot turned 100 in 2012. The Sancimino brothers (six of them!) are always joking around behind the counter. Order cracked crab and a pint of Anchor Steam." --Ron Nichols Courtesy Ron Nichols
"The best hamburgers and fries I've had are from a drive-through called Neon Grill. There's a 1955 Chevrolet on the roof; its headlights and taillights work at night." --Rick Huffman Courtesy Rick Huffman
"I love to eat at Tecolote for breakfast. Get the burrito with sausage or bacon smothered in green chiles, and plenty of the mini-cinnamon rolls." -- Kelly Urig Courtesy Kelly Brinn Urig