In pictures: Darfur conflict

Updated 3:18 AM ET, Thu September 29, 2016
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The Darfur conflict began in 2003. The U.N. estimates that by 2008, 300,000 people had been killed, and more than 3 million displaced.
Pictured, two girls in the Abushouk camp for internally displaced persons, in North Darfur, in January 2012.
IAN TIMBERLAKE/AFP/Getty Images/file
In 2008 the International Criminal Court filed genocide charges against Sudan President Omar al-Bashir for his role in the campaign of violence in the Darfur region. EBRAHIM HAMID/AFP/Getty Images/file
Pictured, the remains of a house in Derib al Reih village, South Darfur, that was reportedly destroyed by the Sudanese air force in February 22, 2013. AFP/Getty Images
Children at the Kalma Internally Displaced Persons camp, in November 2010. AFP/Getty Images/file