A few of the hottest new apps

Updated 6:23 PM ET, Tue March 5, 2013
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Sunrise pulls information from Google Calendar, Facebook Events and elsewhere into a single calendar tool. Sunrise
Neatly arranges a user's Twitter posts by topic and weeds out what it considers low-quality content, based on your preferences. Neatly
Flayvr is an intuitive app that groups a user's photos and videos by date or subject matter. Flayvr
Originally designed for visually impaired smartphone users, Fleksy employs predictive text and voice prompts to make it easier to type on a touchscreen. Fleksy
Find.Eat.Drink provides foodie tips in cities across the U.S., curated by top chefs and other culinary professionals. Find. Eat. Drink
Haze is a weather app that combines music and a trippy visual interface to put some personality on your forecast. Haze