Tardy to the party: Performers who've been late to the stage

Published 5:17 PM ET, Tue March 5, 2013
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Justin Bieber apologized to fans via Twitter after taking the stage at London's O2 Arena later than he planned on Monday night. "I was 40 min late to stage. there is no excuse for that and I apologize for anyone we upset. However it was great show and Im proud of that," the singer wrote, noting that he wasn't two hours late, as some media outlets, including CNN, reported. But Bieber, who chalked the delayed entrance up to "3 opening acts" and "technical issues," isn't the tardiest artist by a long shot. Jim Dyson/Getty Images
Guns N' Roses has such a reputation for being late to the stage that, in 2011, the general manager of Rosemont, Illinois', Allstate Arena told the Chicago Tribune, "If you expect them to go onstage on time, you're going to be disappointed." And rather than cutting his shows too short, Axl Rose has been known to break concert curfews. According to the UK's Telegraph, he was fined for playing past 11 p.m. at the O2 Arena in October 2010. Getty Images
There's a good chance Madonna misplaced her watch during her MDNA tour in 2012. She took the stage late in Miami, Philadelphia and Tel Aviv. Getty Images
If Bieber fans were enraged after waiting for 40 minutes (or two hours, depending on whom you ask), imagine how fans of the Who felt after waiting 33 years for the Quadrophenia Tour to make its way to Rhode Island. DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images
In 2012, Rihanna's tardiness during her 777 tour caused some media outlets to joke that, contrary to popular belief, she's not the "only girl in the world." The singer showed up late multiple times during the seven-show run. Getty Images
Kanye West gave a whole new meaning to "Late Registration" when he showed up at the Bonnaroo Music Festival two hours late in 2008. Before he eventually took the stage after 4 a.m., audience members chanted "Kanye sucks," according to the New York Daily News. Mike Flokis/Getty Images
Lauryn Hill is another artist known for taking her time before a show. She showed up late to 2011 concerts in Atlanta and Brooklyn, among others. In January 2011, some concertgoers got so fed up that they left in the middle of her set. Getty Images
Nicki Minaj is known for being a bit of a diva, but fans were still angry when she showed up nearly three hours late for her Christmas concert in New York, according to She also reportedly showed up late to play a July festival in Scotland. Getty Images