A surrogate's unimaginable dilemma

Updated 10:36 AM ET, Wed March 6, 2013
Crystal Kelley surrogate oneCrystal Kelley surrogate one
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Crystal Kelley was offered $10,000 to have an abortion after ultrasounds showed the baby she was carrying for another couple had severe medical problems. Click through the gallery to see how Kelley's gut-wrenching surrogacy story played out. CNN
A single mother to two daughters, Kelley had suffered two miscarriages and wanted to help another family. She was thrilled when a husband and wife hired her to be their surrogate and carry their baby. Courtesy Crytal Kelley
Ultrasounds halfway through Kelley's pregnancy showed the baby girl growing inside her had severe heart defects, a brain abnormality, and other medical problems. Courtesy Crystal Kelley
Inside Hartford Hospital in Connecticut, the parents, heartbroken, asked Kelley to have an abortion. "I refused. I couldn't do it," Kelley says. "I was the one who was feeling her kick and squirm. I knew she had a fighting spirit, and I wanted to fight for her." Courtesy Crystal Kelley
The parents offered Kelley $10,000 to abort the baby. In what Kelley describes as a "weak moment" she told them she would consider going forward with the termination for $15,000. The parents refused her request, and Kelley says she quickly regretted considering the abortion at any price. "I realized that no matter what they said that I really would not be able to go through with it," she says. Courtesy Crystal Kelley
Kelley abruptly moved from Connecticut to Michigan before the final months of her pregnancy, where by law she would be the baby's mother when the child was born. Courtesy Crystal Kelley
Kelley had a water birth at the University of Michigan Medical Center. Courtesy Amber Millers
The baby was born on June 25. She weighed 6.9 pounds. "Infant appears to be moving all extremities and crying appropriately," her medical record stated. Courtesy Crystal Kelley
Kelley found a family to adopt the baby while pregnant in Michigan. The family is raising other children who have special needs. Here, Kelley and the baby's adoptive mother admire her in the hospital. Courtesy Crystal Kelley
Baby S. was 8 months old in February. Along with her cleft lip and palate, and a misshapen ear, she has severe brain and heart problems. She'll need several risky surgeries to survive. CNN