Before '21 and Over': Crazy college movies

Updated 10:53 AM ET, Sat March 2, 2013
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"21 and Over" is the latest movie about wild and crazy college students to hit theaters. "Animal House," "Old School" and others give the new comedy big shoes to fill. Re-live your college days with these hilarious flicks: Relativity Media
"Animal House" left most college-bound students wishing they could apply to Faber and pledge Delta Tau Chi. John Belushi, shown here, played Bluto, famous for his 0.0 GPA and lines like, "Seven years of college down the drain," "My advice to you is to start drinking heavily" and, of course, "Toga! Toga!" "Animal House," a cultural touchstone, taught us many lessons, including that "fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life." Universal Pictures
Greek life never looked so good. Anthony Edwards, left, Robert Carradine, center, and Curtis Armstrong starred in "Revenge of the Nerds." When the men are left without a place to live, they start their own fraternity, Lambda Lambda Lambda. Twentieth Century Fox
Rodney Dangerfield played self-made millionaire Thornton Melon in the 1986 classic "Back to School." Melon, dubbed "the world's oldest living freshman" by Dean Martin, enrolls in college in support of his son. There he falls for his professor (Sally Kellerman) and performs the "Triple Lindy," the most challenging dive known to man. Orion Pictures Corporation
When Breckin Meyer's Josh Parker, second from left, accidentally sends his long-distance girlfriend an incriminating tape, he and his buds drive across the country to retrieve it in Todd Phillips' "Road Trip." Paulo Costanzo, left, Seann William Scott, DJ Qualls and Tom Green, not pictured, also star. DreamWorks SKG
Thanks to the magical marijuana they smoke before the THC exam (a play on the SATs and one of the chemicals in marijuana), Silas (Method Man) and Jamal (Redman) get into Harvard. Staying there, however, isn't so simple. Universal Pictures
We didn't think life could get any crazier for Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs) and friends after seeing "American Pie." Then the sequel hit theaters. During the summer before sophomore year of college, the gang showed us how to make the most of a part-time job, and what really goes on at band camp. Universal Pictures
"National Lampoon's Van Wilder" introduced us to Ryan Reynolds. His character, Van, a longtime college student, is forced to clean up his act after his father (played by "Animal House's" Tim Matheson) informs him that he'll no long be paying his tuition. Myriad Pictures
Michael C. Maronna, left, Devon Sawa, center, and Jason Segel star as resourceful cheaters in Dewey Nicks' "Slackers." But when the men are found out by Jason Schwartzman's Cool Ethan, they're forced to set him up with the prettiest girl in school (Jaime King) to keep him from outing them to the administration. Screen Gems
Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell (aka. Frank the Tank) and Vince Vaughn prove you're never too old for college in "Old School." The men attempt to relive their college days by starting a fraternity and going head-to-head with the evil Dean Pritchard (Jeremy Piven.) DreamWorksSKG
Scott Mechlowicz, second from right, Jacob Pitts, left, Michelle Trachtenberg, right, and Travis Wester play four friends on a European adventure the summer before college in "EuroTrip." Matt Damon makes a cameo as a musician, introducing the film's catchy theme song, "Scotty Doesn't Know." DreamWorks SKG
When Justin Long's Bartelby can't get into college, he invents the South Harmon Institute of Technology (we'll let you figure out why that's funny) in "Accepted." Blake Lively played his love interest and Jonah Hill, not pictured, played his best bud. Universal Pictures
After being asked to leave the Playboy Mansion, Shelley (Anna Faris) finds work as a sorority housemother in "The House Bunny." Emma Stone stars as one of the Zeta Alpha Zetas that Shelley makes over, and Hugh Hefner makes an appearance. Columbia Pictures