In pictures: 'Wageuzi'

Updated 11:25 AM ET, Fri March 1, 2013
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"Wageuzi," which means "transformers" but also "changemakers" in Swahili, is a 3D animated short film portraying Kenya's political candidates fighting it out for the country's presidency. Courtesy Andrew Kaggia
The politicians transform from fast vehicles into mighty robots as they race to finish first. Courtesy Andrew Kaggia
The film is aiming to educate Kenyans to vote wisely, says creator Andrew Kaggia, 25. Courtesy Andrew Kaggia
"I wanted people to basically think twice before choosing their leaders," says Kaggia. "To see their leaders as who they are and to vote more wisely." Courtesy Andrew Kaggia
Kaggia says it took him six months to complete the film, working up to 15 hours per day. Courtesy Andrew Kaggia
The short film was immediately a big success, putting the spotlight on Kenya's burgeoning 3D animation scene. Courtesy Andrew Kaggia