Rep. Price: The House will 'provide flexibility to the administration' on budget cuts

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    Rep. Price talks upcoming budget cuts


Rep. Price talks upcoming budget cuts 02:56

There are only three days until massive forced budget cuts are set to be enacted, and this morning there's no sign that a deal is in the works.

The forced cuts, referred to as the sequester by the government, would slash the budget by $85 billion, a move that some say is necessary to curb spending.
Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) joins Soledad on Starting Point this morning to explain what the House GOP is willing to do to avoid some of the more drastic cuts, and to respond to President Obama's recent comments about the impacts of the sequester.
"The president has talked about all of these calamitous things that will happen, but what we're looking at is a 2.5 percent reduction," Price says. "That's the level of spending that we had just two years ago. I don't remember all of these bad things happening two years ago. [The House] will provide, I believe, some flexibility to the administration so that they can make certain that the bad things that the president cites don't happen, and if they do, it's because he wants them to."