Protesters, police clash in Spain


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NEW: Two police officers are injured and 40 people are arrested as protests turn violent

"People are getting angrier and angrier" over cuts, says a Madrid teacher

Spain's unemployment rate stands at 26%, its highest level ever

"This government doesn't listen to our calls for help," says activist Sofia de Roa

Tens of thousands of protesters amassed in Madrid and other Spanish cities on Saturday to voice their anger over harsh austerity and the way the country’s being run in the wake of its financial crisis.

In Madrid, demonstrations turned violent and two police officers were injured, Spanish national police said on Twitter. Forty people were arrested.

Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Zaragoza were just a handful of the cities where big crowds conducted mass protests, dubbed the “Marea Cuidadana” (Tide of Citizens).

Members of workers’ unions and civil society groups joined forces to swell their numbers. The crowds were dressed in colored shirts indicating what sector they work in.

Ahead of the marches, organizers used the hashtags #MareaCiudadana, #F23 and #YoVoy23F on Twitter to help protesters link up.

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