Snow photos worth scrolling through

Story highlights

  • iReporters capture snow photos worth a second glance
  • Over 11 million photos are tagged #snow on Instagram
  • One photograph can sometimes tell an entire story
It being winter and all, social media sites are packed with millions of snow photos. Instagram alone has 11 million photos tagged #snow from around the world. We've seen countless more on Flickr, Twitter and CNN iReport.
Most capture the typical moments: pets tentatively venturing out, delighted children and comfort food for the cold winter days. But these photos feature a slightly different take -- telling an entire story in one image, or at least captivating the viewer long enough to pause before scrolling onto the next shot.
These are just a few that made us smile, got us curious or made us wonder what was happening when the photo was taken.
Do you have a story to tell in one image? Got one you think we should see? Upload it to iReport and we may add it to our gallery.
As always in severe weather conditions, stay safe and do not put yourself in harm.