2012 Oscar winner Octavia Spencer talks life after her big win, this year's contenders and the Hollywood weight battle

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    Octavia Spencer: Life after Oscars


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The clock is ticking down with just three more days remaining until The 85th Academy Awards! Last year, first-time nominee Octavia Spencer won best supporting actress for her role as the outspoken maid Minny in "The Help". This year, she will be presenting an award alongside other previous Oscar nominees like Melissa McCarthy, Salma Hayek, John Travolta and Liam Neeson. Spencer joins “Starting Point” to talk about her big win, life after the Oscars and her picks for this year's race.

Spencer says this time around as a presenter has been “fun” and she is “having a ball.” Regarding who she wants to win for best supporting actress Spencer says, “I love all of the performances but I have to tell you… Sally Field… taught me something about Mary Todd Lincoln that I didn’t know.” She adds, “you know behind every great president is a great wife who’s running things and I think – the slaves were freed that year so there you go.”
Spencer says that winning an Oscar definitely changed her career but her life is still the same. “It definitely changed how I’m perceived and the choices that I get to make,” she says.
Spencer recently starred in "Fruitvale," which won an award for best dramatic American film at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. She says now she gets to “drive the bus.”
    “I get to make choices. I have a say. A lot more of a say in what I get to do and I get to chose projects that… resonate with me and I have some sort of a bond with,” she adds.
      In the world of Hollywood, Spencer says “as an African American woman, I'm aware that there are fewer roles for women of color” and that she is “a very specific type.”
      Now a paid spokeswoman for the weight loss product "SENSA," she adds that “weight issues, race issues will always be there and if allow them to get to you and you allow them to affect you then yes they affect you. But my thing is I have so many other things to worry about I can’t worry about other people’s perception of me.”