Actor Jake Johnson plays Nick Miller on Fox's "New Girl."
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Actor Jake Johnson plays Nick Miller on Fox's "New Girl."

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"New Girl" returned on Tuesday with Jessica Day and Nick Miller addressing their kiss

Actor Jake Johnson plays Nick Miller on the Fox comedy

Johnson: "Dylan's the only musician for me that kind of sets a tone for how the world should be"

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Fox’s “New Girl” returned on Tuesday, with Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) continuing to address the fallout of the Kiss Heard ‘Round the Loft (and the Internet universe).

Since all eyes have been on Johnson’s character and his panic moonwalk lately, we caught up with the man himself to find out a little more about his musical tastes. (Hint: His co-star’s band made the list.)

Read on to see what’s on Jake Johnson’s iPod:

Bob Dylan, “World Gone Wrong

“I’m going nuts for this these days. I got into Dylan when I was 15 at random, and every few months, I’ll put a different Dylan on. And Dylan’s the only musician for me that kind of sets a tone for how the world should be. You just get caught up in his view of Earth, and he’s the only guy where I’m like, ‘I think he’s right. That weirdo’s got it figured out.’

I’m coming off of ‘Blood on the Tracks’ which is so great, but this is one of those albums I’ve never heard of. And I couldn’t believe it. But ‘World Gone Wrong’ is early ‘90s, so I thought it was going to be terrible, but it is great Dylan. Because, you know, every once in a while Dylan would have an album where you’re just like, pass. I’m not going down that road with you in the ‘80s, Bob. I’m not doing it! But this is awesome. It’s becoming one of my all-time favorites.”

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Mumford and Sons, “After the Storm”

“Olivia Wilde introduced it to me when we were shooting Drinking Buddies, which took place in a beer brewery, and we had to drink so much beer. And you know — as Nick Miller, I can’t get too fat. I can get chubby, but no one’s going to believe the Nick-Jess stuff if Nick weights 240 pounds. So I needed to exercise more, and when she put this album [’Sigh No More’] on, I just took to it right away. And it actually helped me jog — I would put that album to get fired up when I go running. Mumford and Sons: Will help fat boys get a little less chubby! In fact, my wife and I are actually about to go run up a mountain to it later today.” [Johnson spoke to EW from Hawaii, where he and his wife were on vacation.]

She & Him, “Change Is Hard”

“I think this song’s one of the all-time greats. To be honest, when we first started doing the show, I didn’t know Zooey’s band at all. But I like knowing my cast members, so I started listening to it to get a feeling for who she was. And man, she’s got an incredible voice. Now that I know who she is, and it’s a year and some change later, that song’s the one that still kind of makes [it] in the rotation it on a weekly basis.”

JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound, “Awake”

“I know the lead guitarist, Bill Bungeroth. He’s the director of Second City in Chicago. And actually, for my character on ‘New Girl,’ if you look at the posters, one of them is for this band. But JC Brooks, I got into them when I was in Chicago, and I got to see them live. It’s such an unbelievable live show. It’s one of those bands that’s always on the road. They’re kind of doing it old-school. They’re not one of those Internet, free download bands. I’ll text them asking where they are sometimes, and they’ll be like, ‘A small town in Maryland rocking out to 3 people!’ And I’m like, you guys are doing what, when I was growing up, I thought that bands did. And they’re a band that I never miss when they play in town. ‘Awake’ is from their original album — it’s a little political. It’s got a bite to it.”

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Pass Kontrol, “Twins”

“They’re a little group I saw when I was in Brooklyn a few years ago. They’re just super weirdo, experimental, lots of fun, kind of newish sound. This song’s from their first album, and it’s just kind of awesome. I knew one of the members from years ago. We’d lost touch, and when I was in Brooklyn, and I got word from another friend that this band was performing at this place in Bushwick called the Bushwick Starr. And they put on the craziest show — in front of a packed house, too!”

Bob Seger, “We’ve Got Tonight”

“Bob Seger’s the best. If this song doesn’t do it for you, then you and I are from different planets. If this doesn’t get you ready for life, love, and happiness — then I don’t know who you are, Jack. Seger to me is another guy I have a poster of on Nick Miller’s wall. Seger and Croce. Seger: very underrated. The Croce: very underrated as well, but I couldn’t do both. I can’t be that guy who picks both Seger and Croce. But those were the songs of my childhood, the sounds of driving in my mom’s car, sitting in the back. Best childhood ever, man. Seger’s just one of those great American rock guys that I just feel is underrated. For some reason, everyone’s always talking about how Seger’s not cool. Those people, I ask them to get the junk out of their ears and listen, because Seger’s cool.”

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