Samsung takes a bite out of Apple
02:11 - Source: CNN

Story highlights

Mobile-gadget rivals are leapfrogging Apple with useful features not on iPhones, iPads

This success is most apparent with Apple's biggest mobile rival, Samsung

Samsung is more nimble than Apple at improving its devices through software updates

With Galaxy Note, Samsung has a category of phone people didn't know they wanted

There’s no arguing that Apple set the standard for modern mobile devices with the iPhone and the iPad. It didn’t take long after those two products launched for competitors to rush out their own copycat devices.

Even then, it took another few years before Android was good enough to go toe to toe with iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system.

But it’s no longer about being just as good as Apple. You have to be better. Competitors have built upon the foundation Apple laid in mobile and are now leapfrogging it with bunch of useful features you can’t find on iPhones and iPads.

The evidence is everywhere, but it’s most apparent in products made by Apple’s biggest mobile rival, Samsung.