One commenter on a story about youths and HIV testing said they didn't find it easy to obtain an HIV test.
David Williams
One commenter on a story about youths and HIV testing said they didn't find it easy to obtain an HIV test.

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More than 1,000 comments were posted on our youth and HIV story

A piece featuring fitness tips from Kate Upton's trainer sparked a debate

A story on a woman waiting for four organs received many supportive comments

Editor’s Note: “What you’re saying” is a regular series examining our pick of the best comments from readers on some of CNN Health’s biggest stories from the past week.

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’The system isn’t really encouraging’

Our weekend piece on why youths aren’t being tested for HIV got more than 1,000 comments. Commenter Bradgina said they’ve found that just getting an HIV test from some doctors can be a hassle, and they go to the clinic under an assumed name:

“It’s still like pulling teeth getting doctors to test for HIV,” they write. “One doctor actually asked me, ‘Do you know how hard it is to get HIV from a woman?’ To which I replied, ‘I don’t think I ever said anything about being involved with a woman. …’ And he then offered me a test. Wow. I had to pretend to be gay to get an HIV test.”

Bradgina later added that “the system isn’t really encouraging of getting tested on a regular basis anyway.”

’That will never happen, and you’re all nuts’

Another weekend piece, on fitness tips from swimsuit model Kate Upton’s trainer, sparked a lively debate on Upton’s body and curves.

“I get a little annoyed when people whine and scream about this model or that model ‘being fat,’ wrote commenter dragonfire77. “They’re in a physical condition that is orders of magnitude better than the ‘average’ American, and infinitely healthier than those twig-like, death-warmed-over models you see walking the catwalk at your average fashion show.”

Commenter Deanna weighed in, “I have a feeling that every single person who is criticizing this woman is a troll, with body hair and belly fat. Let’s see you look this hot in a bathing suit. That will NEVER happen, and you’re all nuts.”

’Don’t blame guns at all’

Another debate, with more than 1,100 comments, followed a story on Chicago’s homicide rate and the lack of a Level I trauma center on the city’s violence-plagued South Side.

“Don’t blame guns at all,” wrote commenter LMT556 in the highest-voted comment on the story. “Poverty and single parent households are raising a violent culture.”

But “not all who are single parents or live in poverty raise violent kids,” replied commenter JoAnn Smith. “My mom raised 11 kids, 9 boys (and) 2 girls, and guess what only one of my brothers decided to do what he wanted to do and now he is dead because of his actions. … You cannot solely blame the poverty and single parenting on violence. I know people that grew up with two parents and they are just as hardheaded as those who lived in a single parent household. These parents need to stop acting like they are their kids’ friends and discipline a child when needed.”

’Hurry up and find a way to grow organs’

More than 300 commenters also shared their thoughts on the story of Molly Pearce, a California woman who needs four organs transplanted in order to survive. Some shared messages of support for Pearce, while others discussed organ donation and the meaning of “brain dead.”

“Articles like this make me wish they would hurry up and find a way to grow organs for people who need them,” said commenter DS. “I know they’re working on it but I still wish we had the technology already so the poor folks waiting for someone to die wouldn’t have to anymore.”