Mobile authorities prepare to welcome Carnival Triumph passengers

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exp Point Sheila Gurganus_00015128.jpg


    Preparations underway for ship arrival


Preparations underway for ship arrival 02:54

More than four thousand passengers and crew members aboard the Carnival Triumph are expected to arrive at the port in Mobile, Alabama by 7 p.m. tonight and preparations are underway for their arrival.

Alabama Cruise Terminal General Manager Sheila Gurganus joins Starting Point this morning to explain how authorities are getting ready for the ship's arrival.
"We’re hoping we can make it a little more pleasurable for them once they’re in the terminal and we have it set up," Gurganus says. "We’re gonna have some warm food and some drinks in there for them and a clean environment."
Gurganus also says that local organizations and national companies like Coca Cola and Krispy Kreme have stepped in to support the Triumph's passengers.
    "Mobile has jumped up there and there’s been so many donations," Gurganus says. "All of the vendors in Mobile have come out whole heartedly to support this."