EXCLUSIVE: Dorner's ex-girlfriend discusses the 'extreme nature' of the alleged killer's personality

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    Dorner's ex: 'Something wasn't right'


Dorner's ex: 'Something wasn't right' 05:25

Yesterday, authorities said that they are reasonably sure that the body found inside the burned cabin near Big Bear Lake is that of Christopher Dorner, the ex-cop who launched a guerrilla war against the Los Angeles Police Department over what he considered his unfair dismissal.

Dorner's ex-girlfriend Ariana Williams discusses the alleged killer's behavior on Starting Point this morning, explaining that when the pair dated in 2006 it was apparent that there was a lot of stress at his job.
"I think when you have a profession where you've worked your whole life to obtain something in that level of success and then you go into the environment where everyone else is not lined up with how you are or what you think, after a time the stress could wear on you," Williams says. "Chris unfortunately was a person that bottled up a lot of emotions and he wasn't very good at expressing himself."
Williams sheds light on Dorner's personality, explaining that the "fluctuation of his behavior" and the "extreme nature of his personality" led her to warn other women not to date him on an online dating website.
    When asked what her reaction was when she heard of Dorner's connection to the violence, Williams says that she was "in shock" but that she "sort of expected it."
    "I can’t honestly tell you that I would say 'oh this would never happen,'" Williams explains. "I mean, when you see signs of someones stress induced behavior coupled with how their personality is already it makes it easier to understand how something like this could possibly happen."