Show your love with a gift that gives

Story highlights

  • Brands that not only make a profit but make a difference are becoming more popular
  • Matthew Clough sells backpacks to fund education in Tanzania
  • 31 Bits helps internally displaced women in Uganda earn a living making jewelry
  • The founders of Krochet Kids turned a high school hobby into a international nonprofit

(CNN)For years, chocolate, jewelry and flowers have been Valentine's Day staples. However, many consumers are now giving gifts that not only say I love you, but also help those in need.

Recently, the concept of giving back through consuming gained traction with TOMS shoes, the company that makes the popular slip-on shoes and donates a pair to a child in need for every pair sold. TOMS seemed to open the door for other socially conscious brands, ones that make a difference through product sales.
Now, many entrepreneurs are opening businesses and nonprofit organizations that produce socially conscious goods. From backpacks that provide an education to jewelry that empowers women to crocheted goods that help people rise out of poverty, here are three socially conscious companies that are trying to change the world with their products.
Buy a backpack, fund an education in Tanzania