Montgomery Co. Police Chief Manger: Dorner case similar to Beltway sniper search

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    Rogue ex-cop Dorner believed dead


Rogue ex-cop Dorner believed dead 02:42

This morning on "Starting Point," Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger weighs in on the latest developments regarding ex-cop Chris Dorner’s deadly spree.

Manger says in terms of public fear there is a great deal of similarities between his hunt for Beltway sniper John Allen Muhammad and the search for former Los Angeles Police officer Christopher Dorner.
“Folks that were around here 10 years ago remember the knot in their stomach for a period of three weeks, and folks were changing their daily routines,” Chief Dorner says.
The former Fairfax County police chief says differences between the searches revolve around the fact that police in California knew who they were looking for so they had an advantage. He adds that the information center set up in Los Angeles for tips and the various searches were definitely a great help.
    While investigators anxiously await the DNA results of the charred remains Manger says, “they'll make some preliminary decisions and know 99.999% that this is the individual. I’m sure they’re pretty certain right now that it’s Dorner.”
    “A lot of folks got their first good night's sleep last night...there’s going to be a huge sense of relief throughout the public as well,” he says.