Fmr. FBI officer on Dorner manhunt: Police would have been ready to move in quickly

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    Rogue fmr. LAPD cop believed dead


Rogue fmr. LAPD cop believed dead 02:47

The manhunt for ex-cop Christopher Dorner ended dramatically Tuesday evening, with Dorner allegedly holing up in a cabin that was later set on fire. This morning, Terry Turchie, the former FBI Deputy Asst. Director of the Counterterrorism Division, joins “Starting Point” to discuss the latest developments in the Dorner case and the rush to identify human remains at the scene.

Turchie says because police were already aware that Dorner was extremely violent and armed, they were going to be prepared.
“When they had the right mix of resources, if there were no hostages in there they were going to be ready to go in pretty quickly,” he says.
Turchie says the Sheriff office’s decision to pull out some resources during the hunt for Dorner was ok because “while it looked as though they were scaling down… they still had the presence there.” He adds, “they still knew how to operate there and they still knew how to get resources back there pretty quickly.”