Fmr. FBI negotiator: Dorner likely completely enamored with himself

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    Shootout with ex-cop ends in flames


Shootout with ex-cop ends in flames 03:00

This morning "Starting Point, Chris Voss, a former FBI Lead international kidnapping negotiator, weighs in on the final hours of a desperate manhunt for Chris Dorner.

“A negotiator will continue to try to communicate with the person inside - if nothing else to provide a distraction so the tactical to people can get in. It’s just one thing to try to confuse the subject in the middle of an assault,” Voss says.
In his manifesto, Dorner said at one point, "Self preservation is no longer important to me," which lead many to believe he might commit suicide. But Voss says the manifesto lead him to believe Dorner “was completely enamored with himself...and as a negotiator you hope at some point and time that his desire to continue that overrides the desire to die.”