Cardinal Wuerl: Next pope will have to focus on the Catholic message in a way that catches people's attention

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    Wuerl: Next pope to focus on message


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New information this morning about why Pope Benedict XVI decided to resign. At a news conference earlier, the Vatican said the Pope doesn't feel he has the strength to continue, and there's now already speculation over just who's going to replace him.

There's already a list of front runners as potential options. One of the men on the list is His Eminence, Cardinal Donald Wuerl. He's the archbishop of Washington, and he's a voting member of the impending conclave which will elect a new Pope. He talks with Soledad on "Starting Point" about the selection of a new pope.
Wuerl responds to chatter that he could be selected as the next pope.
"I think at this point, we're talking about fantasy more than reality," he says. "The future is going to be directed to who will be a Pope who will continue to focus on the spiritual mission of the church. That's at the heart of who we are, and Pope Benedict has done that, I think, with great success, to try to keep the focus on the gospel, the mission of the gospel."
    Wuerl says the key for the next pope will be engagement.
      "I think where we are and where the church always is, is to take the received teaching. This is what Jesus said to us, and that's what we keep repeating, but we have to find ways of saying it so we catch the attention of people today. I deal with an awful lot of young people, young adults, and they just don't know the message. I think the next Pope is going to have to focus on this as what we believe...This is the message, love one another, be good to one another, build a world of peace and justice and kindness, but to say it in a way that we catch people's attention and their hearts."
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