Eight apps to get you through a winter storm

Story highlights

  • These 8 mobile apps are helpful for anyone facing a weekend of severe winter weather
  • There are weather apps to follow the storms in real-time, and survival apps in case the lights go out
  • Don't use up all your tablet or smartphone power, save some in case of outages
Mobile devices have changed how we handle severe weather. Instead of being isolated in our homes, reading books printed on paper by candle light, we share constant updates and photos in real time on social networks. We keep ourselves entertained with ebooks, games and videos on smartphones and tablets.
With the severe winter weather pounding the East Coast this weekend, we have a few suggestions for helpful apps apps to add to your collection. They'll let you follow the weather in real-time, file your own first person reports from the ground, handle any emergencies and even stay cozy.
You should also double check that you're stocked up on the essentials, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and a few fresh games (the canned goods and bottled water of storm apps).
A blizzard can result in a power outage, so if you only have one mobile device it's wise to keep app usage to a minimum. We've collected these other great tips on keeping your devices powered up.
The Dark Sky app is for weather watchers craving instant information. Yes, the weather report said it would snow this evening, but where exactly are those clouds and flakes right now? The $3.99 iPhone and iPad app taps into the free radar data available from the U.S. government to predict rainfall and snow for your exact area by the hour. There's a slick radar map that can show what the clouds will be up to at a specific time. The app, which started as a Kickstarter campaign in 2011, is great if