Photos: Iran's Qaher-313 fighter plane

Updated 1:02 PM ET, Fri February 8, 2013
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Aviation bloggers aren't real impressed with Iran's new fighter jet, the Qaher-313, unveiled last weekend. Iran has compared the plane to the U.S. F-22 and F-35. Not quite says Dave Majumdar on Flightglobal.com: "This aircraft looks a lot like an old GI Joe toy." from president.ir
"A normal pilot doesn't properly fit in the ejection seat. Have you ever seen a pilot with his knees above the side borders of the cockpit and his helmet well beyond the ejection seat's head pad?" -- David Cenciotti on TheAvianationist.com AMIR POURMAND/AFP/Getty Images
"Overall, the plane seems to lack the characteristic rivets, bolts all aircraft, including stealthy ones, feature. Images released so far show it as a plastic-made aircraft." -- Cenciotti from president.ir
"One reason I'm personally skeptical about the Qaher-313 is that it looks just a little bit too much like Iranian designers went back through the catalog of cool combat aircraft, picked out some of the coolest bits, and just stuck them all together to make a new airplane with a badass look about it. Like, 'hey, downswept wings are pretty nifty! And canards! And an angular fuselage and outswept tail fins! Yeah, just stick it all on there, why not!'" -- Evan Ackerman on DVICE.com YOUNES KHANI/AFP/Getty Images
"The skin panels look very much like they're made of the same fiberglass ... sheets a friend of mine acquired a few years ago to build his sailboat (though this stuff here appears to be of lesser quality). So that doesn't inspire much confidence." -- Majumdar from president.ir
"The canopy seems to be made of poor quality Plexiglas with some really bad optical qualities. Check out the distortion." -- Majumbar from president.ir
"This plane is almost certainly a mock-up, because if it's not -- well, look, I can only assume that the country employs at least one aerospace engineer, right? This has to be a joke, right?" -- Lee Hutchinson on arstechnica.com from president.ir