Actress Anna Deavere Smith discusses push for gun control legislation

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    Anna Deavere Smith talks gun control


Anna Deavere Smith talks gun control 04:29

If you don't know her for her award-winning one-woman stage shows, you might recognize actress Anna Deavere Smith from one of her many recurring television shows, such as the Emmy-winning Showtime series "Nurse Jackie."

Deavere Smith joined fellow celebrities Chris Rock, Adam Scott and Tony Bennet on the Capitol yesterday to speak out about gun violence and to urge members of Congress to act on the president's plans to tighten gun regulations.
On Starting Point this morning, the actress explains why she's become involved in the gun control movement and discusses the power of celebrities as advocates.
"I feel it’s important to come forward and take advantage of this dark moment to remind Americans that ... we need to find ways to get automatic weapons off of the street and to campaign for background checks and to make gun trafficking a federal crime," Deavere Smith says. "This is a chance when the nation is looking and understands how tragic this is that we ought to be able to make something happen."