Stabbings at campaign rally for Ecuador's president leaves 2 dead

President Rafael Correa during the plenary of the XLIII Mercosur presidential summit in Mendoza, Argentina, June 29, 2012.

Story highlights

  • Two people are dead and four others injured at a rally for the president
  • President Rafael Correa was expected to arrive moments later
  • A video shows a man seemingly stabbing people at random
  • Interior Minister Jose Serrano says a man has been detained
A campaign rally for Ecuador's president turned deadly Monday night when a man stabbed and killed two people, state media reported.
At least four others were injured at the event that President Rafael Correa was expected to arrive at moments later, the state news agency ANDES said.
ANDES posted a video showing a man apparently stabbing victims at random in a crowd of more than 100 people in the northern province of Esmeraldas. Some in the crowd tried to stop the attacker, but he ran away.
Correa called the attack against his supporters from the Alianza Pais movement a tragedy.
Interior Minister Jose Serrano said a suspect has been detained.
"The national police proceeded to capture the suspect of these events. (But) we can not say, absolutely, that the person who is detained at this moment is the author of the unfortunate event," Serrano told reporters.
On his Twitter account, the president described the video as "really chilling." He sent a message of "solidarity to the families of the victims."
ANDES reported that the president suspended "all political acts" and returned to the city of Esmeraldas.
Correa is seeking re-election in the next presidential vote, expected to take place February 17.