Worlds collide hilariously for comedian Heather McDonald in her new book 'My Inappropriate Life'

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    Comedian mom's take on life


Comedian mom's take on life 03:08

As if being a full-time writer, performer, and story producer on E! Channel's top rated show “Chelsea Lately” was not enough, Heather McDonald has decided to pen a new book which she says has “material not suitable for small children, nuns, or mature adults.”

The book, “My Inappropriate Life,” covers McDonald’s life as a mother and performer. This morning the veteran comedy club performer, who also stars in the E! Channel spin-off “After Lately,” joins “Starting Point” to give her hysterical take on balancing family with fame.
McDonald, who also had a supporting role in the movie "White Chicks" which she co-wrote with the Wayans brothers, says her book really captures her double life as a comedian and mother.
"I do crazy sketches and characters and I do very off-topic kind of conversations,” she says. And then “I have this other life – a very conventional life where my kids go to catholic school, my son is a Boy Scout and so sometimes the worlds collide and I feel inappropriate a lot.”
    Recently the mother of three broke the law by driving in the carpool lane on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles with a stuffed monkey in a car seat that she dressed in her son’s Red Sox cap and little league outfit. McDonald, who was trying to save time commuting says the incident made her fantasize about having another baby to which her husband responded: “I would rather you be arrested and go to jail.”