New Orleans City Council President: Superdome blackout 'will never happen again,' won't rule out city in 2018

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    Blackout 'will never happen again'?


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Call it the "Blackout Bowl." Even if you weren't among the over 108 million people watching Sunday's Super Bowl, you know that at the start of the third quarter, with the Baltimore Ravens up 28 to 6, half of the New Orleans Superdome went black.

Entergy, the power company that supplies the Superdome with electricity, and SMG, the management company of the Superdome, say that monitoring equipment in the stadium's electrical system sensed an abnormality and cut off power to part of the Superdome. The game was delayed for 34 minutes and some critics say it will hurt New Orleans’ chances of getting another major sporting event.
New Orleans City Council President Stacy Head explains the latest into what happened on "Starting Point."
“It wasn’t Beyonce,” Head confirms. “We don't know what it was, and hopefully we'll find that out in a few days.”
    Head says she hopes the blackout doesn’t overshadow the “magical weekend” New Orleans had hosting the Superbowl. She believes the power outage won’t hurt the changes of a future event at New Orleans.
    “It was an amazing, an amazing weekend, and I don't know that anyone who experienced New Orleans' southern hospitality looks at anything other than that as a reason to come back to New Orleans, hopefully in 2018,” she adds.