Rubin Singer on designing Beyoncé's Super Bowl halftime look: It was very rewarding to see it all come together

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exp point singer beyonce_00003806.jpg


    Singer on styling Beyoncé for Super Bowl


Singer on styling Beyoncé for Super Bowl 02:01

Beyoncé brought the house down at the Super Bowl last night, wearing that cute little outfit. Everybody was watching her. The designer of that hot leather and lace peel apart outfit is Rubin Singer.

Singer talks with Soledad O'Brien on "Starting Point" this morning to talk about working with Queen Bea to get her look down just right.
"It was a career-changing moment," Singer says. "It was very, very exciting. I mean, leading up to it was a lot of craziness and hard work. So it was very, very rewarding to see it all come together was worth it."
"The process started a few months ago, and the fittings started to take place in the beginning of January with the actual costume and the development of it, with the kind of rehearsal that schedule she was on and the vigorousness of everything going on. She was losing weight every -- every day really towards the end, so there was constant adjustments, plus developing this kind of a piece for a woman who is such a fierce performer and such an amazing, amazing show woman, I couldn't make anything that was constricting in any way. The range of motion needed to be maintained at all times, that was a challenging aspect," Singer adds.
    When asked about how involved the NFL was in the outfit design, Singer laughs and says they were a lot of involvement.
    "It was crazy. You know, because of what had transpired in the past with wardrobe malfunctions, the stringency of how they, you know, check everything, and they even said 'we're very hypocritical. We have all of these cheerleaders in scantily clad little outfits and here we are telling you, you can't do this, you can't do that.' So the costume initially was much more risque and much more exposed. And we came closer and closer, we decided to kind of bring it down because it is the Super Bowl and it is America. We didn't want to ruffle any feather so ultimately it ended up working in our benefit because I think she really looked amazing last night," Singer says.