Photos: Arming the commander in chief

Updated 1:37 PM ET, Fri February 5, 2016
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To back up President Barack Obama's statement that he goes skeet shooting regularly, which some Republicans questioned, the White House released this photo of Obama firing a gun at Camp David in August. See more commanders in chief taking advantage of their right to bear arms. from the white house
George W. Bush hunts for doves in Hockley, Texas, in September 1994. Paul Howell/Liaison
George H.W. Bush and oil heir William Farish check out a quail hunt at Lazy F Ranch in Texas in January 1989. David Valdez/White House/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
Ronald Reagan watches as his wife, Nancy, aims a rifle at their ranch in Malibu, California, in 1954. Murray Garrett/Getty Images
Dwight D. Eisenhower totes a gun on a quail hunting trip at the plantation of his first secretary of the Treasury, George Humphrey, in Georgia in January 1961. Ed Clark//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
Harry S. Truman holds a bird on a hunting trip in Missouri in January 1930. Paul Popper/Popperfoto/Getty Images
Franklin D. Roosevelt fires at the Marine Corps rifle range in Maryland in 1917.
President Calvin Coolidge fires a gun as his wife, Grace Goodhue, photographs him circa 1925. KEYSTONE-FRANCE
Theodore Roosevelt wields a Winchester rifle in this portrait taken in an artificial forest setting, circa 1900. Pictorial Parade/Getty Images
Grover Cleveland hunts for ducks in January 1880. Roger Viollet Collection/Getty Images
Benjamin Harrison poses with a gun in this portrait, circa 1880s. Fotosearch/Getty Images