Geraldo Rivera…for Senate? Howard Kurtz and Lauren Ashburn on his election chances

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    Geraldo Rivera for Senate?


Geraldo Rivera for Senate? 03:43

On Thursday, Fox News host Geraldo Rivera teased a prospective campaign. The former talk show host, who first floated the possibility of running for office, now says "I really do believe, as a modern Republican, that there is a point of view that is unrepresented in states like New Jersey."

This morning host of CNN's Reliable Sources and Daily Beast Washington Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz and Daily Download editor-in-chief Lauren Ashburn join “Starting Point” to discuss Rivera's possible run for Senate in 2014.
Ashburn says Rivera's hinting toward a possible run is not shocking. She adds that Rivera “is a guy just crazy enough to do this,” noting the TV personality’s famous special where he opened a secret vault once owned by gangster Al Capone that turned up to be empty.
Kurtz says Geraldo is not going to run primarily because of the ads his competitors would release against him. Ashburn adds that “New Jersey has already someone who’s pretty outspoken and I think Chris Christie could eat him for lunch.”
    Ultimately Geraldo’s hints towards a senate run are strictly for attention and coming at a time where his contract with Fox is ending, Ashburn says.