00:59 - Source: CNN
Blumenthal: 'Americans are on our side'

Democrats face a tough road ahead if they are going to convince Republicans to support new gun control laws, a reality that President Obama acknowledged in an interview with Univision yesterday.

“My suspicion is we’re seeing more bipartisan discussion on the immigration issue, than on the gun issue,” Obama said.

These remarks came after a tense hearing on gun violence in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, in which former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords urged legislators to act. “Americans are counting on you,” Giffords said.

Senator Richard Blumenthal joins Starting Point this morning to discuss the hearing, noting that Giffords’ statement was “one of the shortest but most powerful public statements before any congressional hearing I’ve ever heard.”

Calling the case for background checks “irrefutable” and noting that that the country “needs more rigorous and vigorous enforcement of existing gun laws,” Blumenthal expresses confidence that gun control legislation will pass because the “American people are on the side of the sensible.”