Photos: An up-close account of death in Damascus

Updated 10:27 AM ET, Fri March 15, 2013
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Photographer Goran Tomasevic, embedded with the Free Syrian Army, captured an intense firefight and the death of a rebel fighter in Damascus on Wednesday, January 30. Here, a Free Syrian Army fighter gestures in front of a burning barricade during heavy fighting in the Ain Tarma neighborhood of Damascus. GORAN TOMASEVIC /REUTERS /LANDOV
Rebel fighters look back as they stand in front of a burning barricade during heavy fighting. GORAN TOMASEVIC /REUTERS /LANDOV
A rebel fighter fires a rocket-propelled grenade during heavy fighting. GORAN TOMASEVIC /REUTERS /LANDOV
Fighters run for cover as a tank shell explodes. GORAN TOMASEVIC /REUTERS /LANDOV
Men shield their heads from debris. GORAN TOMASEVIC /REUTERS /LANDOV
Fighters run through the debris. GORAN TOMASEVIC /REUTERS /LANDOV
Rebel fighters prepare to attack a Syrian Army checkpoint in Ain Tarma. GORAN TOMASEVIC /REUTERS /LANDOV
Free Syrian Army fighters take position just before being hit by Syrian Army sniper fire. GORAN TOMASEVIC /REUTERS /LANDOV
Fighters, right, lie on the ground while being shot by snipers. GORAN TOMASEVIC /REUTERS /LANDOV
Snipers shot two men within moments of each other. GORAN TOMASEVIC /REUTERS /LANDOV
A wounded man is dragged away. GORAN TOMASEVIC /REUTERS /LANDOV
The wounded man is pulled by his jacket. GORAN TOMASEVIC /REUTERS /LANDOV
Men push their comrade through a building. GORAN TOMASEVIC /REUTERS /LANDOV
The fighter died soon after being dragged through the rubble. GORAN TOMASEVIC /REUTERS /LANDOV
Free Syrian Army men carry their comrade. GORAN TOMASEVIC /REUTERS /LANDOV
A wounded Free Syrian Army fighter cries after hearing that his friend has died. GORAN TOMASEVIC /REUTERS /LANDOV