In pictures: King Peggy

Published 5:18 AM ET, Thu January 31, 2013
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Peggielene Bartels is a Ghanaian-born American citizen who became the first female king of Otuam, a fishing village of about 7,000 people in Ghana, in 2008. CNN
For some 30 years, Bartels has been working in the Ghanaian embassy in the United States as a secretary. Peggielene Bartels
The previous king of Otuam, who was Bartels's uncle, died in 2008. The village elders, who remembered Bartels from the times she'd visited with her mother, decided to anoint her as their new ruler. Deborah Feingold
King Peggy in her palanquin during her coronation ceremony in Otuam. She still works at the embassy in the United States but uses all her holiday every year to go back to Ghana for a month. Peggielene Bartels
King Peggy with her regent Nana Kwesi. When she's not in Otuam, King Peggy phones her regent on a daily basis to be informed about what's happening in the community. Eleanor Herman