A taste of 'Oatmeal'

Published 6:47 PM ET, Wed January 30, 2013
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Matthew Inman's "Oatmeal" comic is one of the most popular humor sites on the Web, spawning a variety of merchandise and two books -- including this current bestseller. (A word of caution: His humor can be dark and profane.) courtesy Andrews McMeel Publishing
Web culture is a target of Inman's work. He poked fun at Apple fanboys (including himself) in this strip, "What it's like to own an Apple product." courtesy Matthew Inman
He also explains "How #FollowFriday is supposed to work." courtesy Matthew Inman
Inman does not suffer fools, particularly those who mangle grammar and spelling. He corrects them in "10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling." courtesy Matthew Inman
An animal lover, Inman's tribute to his dog, "My dog: The paradox," was one of his most popular strips. courtesy Matthew Inman
Cats get equal time, although Inman has no illusions about their behavior. Witness this panel from "How much do cats actually kill?" courtesy Matthew Inman
Of course, Inman believes cats can also be helpful, as in "How to Name a Volcano." courtesy Matthew Inman