'30 Rock': What we'll miss most

Updated 7:00 AM ET, Sat June 7, 2014
30 rock cast farewell30 rock cast farewell
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From Liz Lemon's catchphrases to Jack's insightful musings to the way Jenna says camera -- "cah-mah-rah" -- there are a million things we'll miss after "30 Rock's" series finale airs on Thursday night. Theo Wargo/NBC
Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan NBC
Liz Lemon's catchphrases, such as, "I want to go to there," "What the what?" and "Blerg!" NBC
Liz and Jack's friendship NBC
Glimpses of Pete Hornberger's eternal misery NBC
Kenneth Parcell's optimism NBC
Frank Rossitano's hats NBC
Young Liz Lemon, whether she's played by Tina Fey or her adorable daughter NBC
Dot Com's bursts of intellectualism
Liz Lemon's princess Leia costume NBC
The occasional "30 Rock" live show (Donald Glover played a young Tracy Jordan on Season 6's "Live from Studio 6H") NBC
The way Jenna says camera: "Cah-mah-rah" NBC
The evolution of Devon Banks NBC
"30 Rock's" take on current events NBC
Liz and Jack's (famous) significant others, such as Matt Damon as Carol NBC
The way Dr. Leo Spaceman delivers news NBC