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  • Discover the perfect way to camouflage dark eyelids
  • The secret to pulling off big, chunky sweaters is proportion
  • Got short legs? Match your tights to your boots!
"Is there any way to prevent my highlights from turning brassy?" Erica Weber, Westport, Connecticut.
Bobbi Brown: The sun interacts with every shade of hair color and causes them to oxidize (even in winter), so it's smart to wear a hat whenever you're outside.
When my champagne-colored highlights start looking brassy, my colorist mixes me a purple/blue-based shampoo (the tint takes out those coppery tones). Aveda makes a great version. While it won't make my highlights champagne again, it does turn them a soft brown, which I prefer to orange. Wash with it at least once a week to keep your highlights (whatever their color) from turning on you.
Or run back to the salon for a toner—it won't cover grays, but it will extend the life of your highlights.
"My eyelids are dark, so I always look sleepy. What can I do?" Lynn Greenfield, Bethesda, Maryland.
Brown: If you have dark lids, I'm willing to bet you see darkness under your eyes, too. The first thing you should do is lighten that up with a creamy concealer below your eyes and at the inner corners. Don't extend it up to the lid though, because concealers have oil and make shadow more likely to crease. Instead, use a light, bone-colored powder shadow or one with a bit of shimmer all over the lid.
Another idea: My PR director has dark lids and she puts a dab of nonsticky, clear lip gloss on them. It brings a really nice sheen to her eye area!
"How can I get my foundation to last longer?" Phyllis Katz, Newton, Massachusetts.
Brown: I really believe using the right moisturizer for your skin type makes all the difference. Of course, there isn't one moisturizer that works for everyone, but if your skin is dry (like mine), a hydrating balm is the perfect base. And if you're oily, a gel moisturizer is all you need.
You can also opt for a long-lasting foundation (usually a liquid or compact formula, or one labeled "long wear"). Or top your regular foundation with loose powder that matches your skin tone to set the look in place. The trick is to blend well, so the powder melts into your skin.
"How can I wear big, chunky knits without looking bulky?" Lisa Flanagin, Beacon, New York
Suze Yalof Schwartz: Thick, nubby sweaters are a hot winter trend, but they can add pounds. The trick is proportion: If you have a boxy sweater on top, make sure you pair it with something tight and slim below, like black leather leggings or skinny jeans.
"Can I really wear white in winter?" Ann Christian, Richmond, Virginia. How to dress slim
Yalof Schwartz: That rule about not wearing white after Labor Day is so old and so over. I think white jeans are the ultimate thing in summer and winter. Mix them with a big sweater or blazer in a more wintery fabric (like cashmere knit or tweed) and chunky boots or oxfords.
"I want to wear low boots with skirts. Tips?" Robin Jones, Shreveport, Louisiana.
Yalof Schwartz: If you don't have endless legs, the best way to rock boots of any height with a skirt is to add matching opaque tights. I like a knee-length skirt with low booties, because the length shows off and elongates your legs.