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[Updated 5:30 p.m. Monday, January 28] This photo was taken in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Sunday as protesters clashed with riot police.
The unrest started Friday on the two-year anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, and it intensified Saturday when a judge issued death sentences for 21 people involved in a deadly football game riot last year.
President Mohamed Morsy, whom some critics have accused of being a new dictator, declared a limited state of emergency and announced curfews in three provinces Sunday. Acknowledging political dissent, he invited representatives from 11 political parties to a meeting, saying "dialogue is the only way to bring about stability and security." It remains to be seen whether opposition leaders would agree to meet.
In his speech, Morsy decried the behavior of "criminals," saying recent violence "does not have anything to do with the Egyptian revolution. ... In fact, it is against the revolution."
For a full refresher course on the latest wave of violence, check out this helpful Q&A.
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