Kendra Wilkinson will compete on ABC's new diving show, "Splash."

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ABC's "Splash" will premiere on Tuesday, March 19

Keshia Knight Pulliam, Kendra Wilkinson and other stars will compete

Fox's diving show "Stars in Danger" did a total belly flop in the ratings  — 

Though Fox’s diving show “Stars in Danger” did a total belly flop in the ratings, that hasn’t swayed ABC from moving ahead with “Splash,” the (new) name of its celebrity diving show that’ll premiere Tuesday, March 19.

Wonder who’s willing to wear a Speedo on a 10-meter high dive in front of (with any luck for ABC) millions and millions of people?

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Here are the “stars” who will be throwing those triple, nah-who-are-we kidding-I-mean single tucks into the pool, with the help of Greg Louganis:

1. Louie Anderson, comedian. Yeah, I know.

2. Drake Bell, star of Nick’s old “Drake & Josh.”

3. Chuy Bravo. If you are a Chelsea Handler fan, you’ll remember him as her personal assistant.

4. Nicole Eggert. She’s continuing the “Baywatch” tradition of diving in primetime (two ex-stars of the syndicated show, David Chokachi and Alexandra Paul, did the Fox show).

5. Keshia Knight Pulliam. She played Rudy on “The Cosby Show.” ‘Member her?

6. Ndamukong Suh. A gridiron, not reality, star. Member of the Detroit Lions.

7. Katherine Webb. Former Miss Alabama as well as an on-camera personality.

8. Kendra Wilkinson. First “The Girls Next Door,” then “Dancing with the Stars,” and now this!

Two more celebrity divers will be announced later. Hot damn!

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