Why The Beek should always be on TV

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ABC has pulled James Van Der Beek's "Apartment 23" from the schedule

On "Apartment 23," Van Der Beek is in on the joke, poking fun at himself

The show takes advantage of his roots, reminding fans of how obsessed they were

He'll next reprise his role as Simon in an episode of "How I Met Your Mother"

Now would be an appropriate time to cue up that GIF of Dawson bawling his eyes out.

The last few years have been a nostalgic whirlwind with Angela Chase on “Homeland,” Zack Morris on “Franklin and Bash,” and Felicity Porter on the new FX drama “The Americans.” Even Cory and Topanga are coming back to us.

But for fans of “Dawson’s Creek,” there’s now a glaring hole in the TV landscape.

ABC has pulled James Van Der Beek’s “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23” from the schedule, leaving eight episodes of the acerbic comedy unaired. (Not to mention that Pacey’s, er, Joshua Jackson’s “Fringe” just came to an end after five seasons on Fox.)

This just isn’t how it’s supposed to work out for The Beek.

Having made a name for himself as Dawson Leery on the WB drama, fans came to know – and love – Van Der Beek as the sensitive guy next door. Later, a slew of guest appearances in various series, “Funny or Die” sketches and the hilarious Van Der Memes Tumblr introduced the world to a different side of the actor. If it’s even possible, our feelings for him grew stronger.

So in April 2011, when Van Der Beek began starring as a single, self-obsessed version of himself on “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23,” it felt like the universe finally got it right.

Here’s why old and new fans, alike, can’t bear to part with James Van Der Beek on TV:

- On “Apartment 23,” Van Der Beek is in on the joke, poking fun at himself in the most charming way. He’s up for anything, be it learning a choreographed routine for his character’s turn on “Dancing with the Stars” or riding a horse sans pants as People’s (pseudo) Sexiest Man Alive.

- He even announced the sitcom’s cancellation with grace via Twitter, followed by, “And please, no bashing ABC. While I’m sure no one there would say they think they nailed it when it came to programming #Apt23 this year … You’ve got to give ABC props for ever picking us up in the first place. They took a shot at something original & edgy. I respect them for it.” Same old sensitive Dawson.

- “Apartment 23” takes advantage of Van Der Beek’s roots, and reminds fans of how obsessed they were with “Dawson’s Creek,” which is hilarious in and of itself. The show toyed with the idea of organizing a “Creek” reunion in an October episode aptly titled “A Reunion…” Busy Philipps, Frankie Muniz and Mark Paul-Gosselaar all guest-starred as fictional versions of themselves. What other show can do that? And it’s all because of The Beek.

- He’ll next reprise his role as Simon, Robin’s loser ex-boyfriend, in an episode of CBS’ “How I Met Your Mother.” He doesn’t consider himself to be above cameo appearances that require him to sport a bald cap and gut.

- Like a fine wine, James Van Der Beek has only improved with age. Amen.