Racing sails take to London dock

Updated 10:46 AM ET, Mon January 21, 2013
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The CNM Estates Fine Art Sails regatta, which debuted this weekend at the London Boat Show, offered up an exciting collaboration between the worlds of top-class sailing and fine art. Eoghan Macguire/CNN
The three-day event saw sailing yachts -- skippered by Olympic and World Championship sailors -- take to the water bearing sails adorned with the work of contemporary artists. Eoghan Macguire/CNN
Those to create pieces for the project included the Fashion duo Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto, portrait artist Christian Furr, as well as musician and actor, Goldie. Eoghan Macguire/CNN
Other UK-based artists who contributed works included portrait artist Pam Glew (near) and street artist Eine (far). Eoghan Macguire/CNN
Adapting to the unique triangular shape of racing sails and the Dacron material they employ provided a unique challenge for all the artists involved. Eoghan Macguire/CNN
British sculptor David Begbie -- who contributed this piece titled "An Eye for the Buoys" -- said the Fine Art Sails concept constitutes a totally new artistic form. Eoghan Macguire/CNN
A lonely sail adorned with the work of British street-artist, Eine (a.k.a Ben Flynn), skips its way around London's Royal Victoria Dock, branded with the uncompromising slogan "See No Evil." Eine received a famous name-check in 2010 when British prime minister David Cameron gifted one of his paintings to U.S. president Barack Obama while on a state visit. Eoghan Macguire
British actor and contemporary artist, Goldie -- who has been commissioned to produce artwork for some of the UK's leading bands and musicians in recent years -- created this arresting sail entitled "Lord of the Flies." Eoghan Macguire/CNN
Portrait artist Christian Furr meanwhile -- who in 1995 became the youngest artist to officially paint Queen Elizabeth (aged just 28) -- contributed this colorful, swirling piece. Eoghan Macguire/CNN
Buoyed by the quality of the artistic submissions, organizers hope the concept will soon be casting off at famous locations around the world, citing interest registered in Moscow, Miami and San Francisco. Eoghan Macguire/CNN