After 100 episodes, 'Fringe' cast bids farewell

The final episode of "Fringe" will air this Friday on Fox.

Story highlights

  • "Fringe's" 100th episode is also its last
  • Cast members credit the fans for keeping the show going, against the odds
  • Memorable guest stars for the cast included Leonard Nimoy and Christopher Lloyd
  • Jasika Nicole calls the finale "beautiful and perfect"
After 100 episodes of alternate universes, monsters and shape-shifters, Fox's "Fringe" is coming to an end on Friday night.
It's set to receive a proper send-off, too, thanks to the efforts of fans who fought for the show through five seasons of time slot changes and dwindling ratings.
Members of the cast, who had been with the show from the first episode, spoke to CNN about their favorite "Fringe" moments, their favorite guest stars and those final days on the set. Plus, that all-important question: Will fans be satisfied with the series finale?
On filming the finale:
Anna Torv ("Olivia Dunham"): "We knew it would be our last season, and part of that meant that we were able to appreciate it as we were doing it. There were lots of little moments of reflection throughout the last couple of months."
Lance Reddick ("Phillip Broyles"): "What caught me by surprise was how emotional I got (shooting the final episode) -- not about the show, per se -- but about the people. So that was kind of intense."
Joshua Jackson ("Peter Bishop"): "For me it was a feeling of joy -- when they called that final wrap and you see the faces of the people you did four or five years with, you think this is something we all did together. There's what I hope is a really good scene between John and myself in the finale, in the lab, fittingly. And there was a feeling like, 'Wow, that's the last time we will play father and son, in this room that has been such a part of our lives for these last five years.' "
Torv: "I went down to see John Noble's last scene. He was doing a scene in the lab that I wasn't in. I got to sit back and watch Walter for the last time and that kind of made me sad, because John and Walter were such a beautiful fit. Just to think 'Ah! John is never going to breathe life into him again,' was kind of sad."
John Noble ("Walter Bishop"): "It's unbelievable to go out on our own terms. Unheard of in this industry to be able to finish a story off in the way that we have. I'm just seriously grateful to the network and studio